November 16th, 2011

The First Online Role-Playing Game in The Star Trek Universe

By diablo3golds - November 16th, 2011, 12:21, Category: game

In Star Trek Online, you start as captain of a small spacecraft on either side of Starfleet or the Klingon Empire. The racial and class choice is clear. Her character is both a given race in the Star Trek universe, the Klingons to Gorn belong to, as well as posing a new alien form. Anyone who hires smart, rises to the level and is thus better to a more capable ships and crew. Back story Star Trek Online is set in 2409 (25th century), some 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager.  wow gold  Thematic background is the continuing conflict between the two (playable) groups, the Federation and the Klingons. The developers at Cryptic Studios draw their inspiration from any, available to Star Trek material, including films, TV shows, books and comics. As you explore space, you will meet many familiar characters, their descendants, and dozens of races. According Crpytic plan even exist so far not visualized races in Star Trek Online. In order to design such, the developers adhere to standards in writing, in places, but their creativity is limitless. Character and Ship Design At the beginning of the game, you create both a character and a ship. Also available are two groups, the Federation and the Klingons, also a previously unknown number of classes. Cryptic-typical character is the creation of very detailed, including the allocation of visual attributes and personality traits. Star Trek Online is to launch - despite the immense wealth of figures of the Star Trek universe - only to playable characters with two legs. Potentially popular figures such as the Horta likely be supplied via add-on. Her character is automatically given the status of the captain and get to the command of a ship. On which you are free to move! In the creation of your flying record you are also no limits: they determine the shape, color, lettering and logos fei to your taste. The only limitation serves the class of ships that will limit the options menu of the components. Makes sense, because the contrary would make any game in the seeds of motivation niece. The classification of vessels in three types: escorts, cruisers and science. To declare the skill attributes of your ship, make personnel (four bridges officers) and assign skills. A good drive mechanic makes the ship afloat, a weapons specialist, provides strong, functional guns. The bridge also edit officers in race, appearance, gender, name, and Co. As the game progresses you gain access to other ship configurations and the ability to recreate the Star Trek reality sprung cruisers such as the Enterprise or Voyager. As far as possible all parts of the ship in the class of ship can be modified. Although older Star Trek games have taken it with the relative sizes of the flying companions not quite as accurate, Cryptic Studios will be as close as possible based on the Star Trek canon, provided, of course, playability and fun do not suffer. Federation and Klingon ships are tied to the particular character class. It will not be possible, as Klingons to take a ship of the Federated or retain, and vice versa. (Fight as a member of Federation on the part of the Klingons) A faction change later in the game your character will not allow Star Trek Online as well.    diablo 3 gold



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